Walking Tour: Tree Stories at The Evergreens Cemetery  

Saturday, October 16

Join us for a guided tree tour of the cemetery. Enjoy the spectacular Fall foliage as we explore the grounds of the cemetery and learn to identify a variety of tree species. We will also hear fascinating stories and lore relating to various tree species. Participants will learn the answers to questions such as: "Why is a London plane from London? What does a sassafras have to do with sassafras tea? Why is the gum of a black gum black and the gum of a sweetgum sweet? How do you open a hickory nut and which ones would you want to open? What is the tastiest oak in the East?" and many more. 

This tree walk with noted arborist and author William Bryant Logan mixes lore, history, science and recipes to make a memorable 90 minutes in one of our great urban forests.