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The Evergreens Cemetery provides a beautiful final resting place for loved ones, and we are pleased to discuss the variety of options available.

Traditional In-Ground Burials

Traditional in-ground burials are offered in various sections of The Evergreens Cemetery. All spaces are sold to accommodate the burials of two caskets.

Chapel Mausoleum

Our modern chapel mausoleum provides a convenient and elegant final resting place for those who desire above-ground interment. An ornamental fountain and plantings surround the mausoleum, creating an especially tranquil environment within our historic, 225-acre landscape.

We offer single, side-by-side, or companion crypts, as well as niches for cremated remains or space in our lovely urn garden. Indoor or outdoor options are available. Permanent endowment is included.

Private Family Mausoleums

Private family mausoleum sites are available at specific locations throughout the cemetery.

Options for Cremated Remains

For more information, please click HERE.  

Photo by Yuri Pires Tavares

Further Information

We are committed to providing families the finest service during their time of bereavement. Our Family Service Counselors are here to offer expert guidance and support throughout the selection process. For more information about interment options and pricing please contact our office 718-455-5300 or you can send an email to:

Shevonne Zaccheo

Family Service Counselor

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