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Cremation is an increasingly popular alternative to burial; more than fifty percent of Americans are now choosing cremation. Following a death in the family loved ones are increasingly faced with decisions about storing or finding a permanent resting place for cremains (cremated remains). Many choose to store an urn containing cremains on a mantle or shelf at home. Others choose to scatter cremains in nature -- on land, air or water -- often choosing a location with meaning to the deceased.


Cemeteries offer a secure and peaceful location for storing cremains. There are several advantages to choosing cemetery inurnment. When ashes are kept in the home or scattered, there is no record that will help descendants to locate the deceased in genealogical searches, whereas inurnment in a cemetery helps document and preserve family heritage for generations to come. In addition, cemetery inurnment provides a secure alternative to in-home storage, where cremains can be lost or destroyed by fire, flood or other natural disasters. Additionally, a cemetery provides a location that all family members can visit, in contrast to the options of in-home storage or scattering.


The Evergreens Cemetery offers a variety of options for cremated ashes. Inurnment in niches or in-ground ensures a place of remembrance to visit and memorialize the deceased, as well as a record for future generations. Above-ground niches in our community mausoleum allow for visitation year-round, affording the opportunity for all family members to visit and pay their respects. Photos and personal mementos can be placed in the niches to personalize the space and memorialize loved ones.


Our tranquil outdoor urn garden offers in-ground burial of urns. Owners of plots can also bury urns containing cremains in-ground throughout the cemetery, offering a serene final place of repose alongside family members.

For the inurnment of cremains family members must provide both a death certificate and a cremation certificate. The family is not obligated to use the services of a funeral director for inurnment of cremains. Please contact our Family Service Counselor at 718-455-5300 for further information about the variety of options at The Evergreens.


Community Mausoleum -  niches


Community Mausoleum - niches


Apple Court & Cherry Court - in-ground urn garden

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