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Land Management Associate

Job Description

Overview - The Evergreens is one of the oldest cemeteries in NYC.  Our 225-acre property straddles the Brooklyn/Queens border and besides being an active cemetery we have many programs for the community (astronomy, bird watching, etc.).  The Land Management team member will be responsible for the development, maintenance and cultivation of our land and natural resources. 

Attitude - Maintain a mission driven, professional and positive outlook.  Treat everyone with respect including coworkers, families, visitors, and subcontractors.  Work effectively in a team with other members of the office and field labor force.  Conducting oneself with the highest integrity is critical to this role. 

Work - The core work will include updating and modernizing our maps and transferring historical data (going back 170 years) into modern mapping software, helping survey and layout new burial areas, maintaining our tree inventory and meeting arboretum requirements, tracking infrastructure changes, etc.  This work constitutes time in the field surveying and taking measurements and research using 175 years of maps and records stored here at the cemetery.  Since several of the above tasks are multiyear efforts it is essential that the applicant be organized and capable of self-direction, creating short term goals to keep the projects moving.  In addition to these core tasks, there are many other projects and initiatives that will be assigned to help with.

Accuracy - The applicant should be detail oriented since precision of all layout and records are of utmost importance.  Double checking and confirming all the mapping and layout work is critical to success in this position. 

Communication - Clear, concise, and timely communication is essential.  Communicate clearly with the office, upper management, union workforce and families regarding all aspects of the cemetery operations and your work. 

Attendance and Punctuality - Must have a good attendance record and be on time.

Service to Families - The Evergreens is a very special place and we strive to make our families’ experience memorable and as a place for their entire family to be welcomed and remembered. Any and all contact with families or visitors should be handled with the utmost respect and reverence.  All burial sites and memorials should be treated with respect and great care.

Experience - Minimum of 3 years’ experience with CAD or comparable mapping software is required.  Experience with surveying, layouts and/or Experience managing a union workforce is highly beneficial.  OSHA 30 hr. certification

Diversity - Evergreens is an equal opportunity employer of choice and we encourage diverse candidates to apply. Diversity, equity & inclusions are values we hold. Our families are amongst the most diverse in the nation and it is expected that employees strive to learn about different cultures, beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious beliefs and other way in which someone may be different.

We hope that you will consider applying for this important role and we are looking for quality people who work hard and will benefit in being a part of an institution and a team engaged in rewarding work.

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