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Interment Foreman

Job Description


Leadership - Be a leader and manager of the cemetery’s field labor force.  Ensure that all staff are mission driven in the execution of their duties and manner of conducting themselves. Establish our expectations for the union workers through one’s own conduct, attitude, work ethic, preparation, dress code, etc.  Lead the morning meeting to give out the daily work assignments and any other pertinent information daily. Obtain input and buy in from staff with final authority for job descriptions, goals, objectives and standards as your responsibility.


Attitude - Maintain a mission driven, professional and positive outlook.  Treat everyone with respect including coworkers, families, visitors, and subcontractors.  Manage and motivate the workforce through positive reinforcement, encouragement, and discipline when necessary.  As a key member of the cemetery’s management team, our families and the cemetery’s goals and interests must come first.  Conducting oneself with the highest integrity is critical to this role. 

CommunicationClear, concise, and timely communication is essential.  Communicate clearly with other foreman, the office, upper management, union workforce and families regarding all aspects of the cemetery operations.  Any personnel or field issues must be communicated clearly and promptly to management.


Oversight - You are the eyes and ears on the grounds throughout the day for management.  Monitor and double check all work being done each day by our workforce and any subcontractors on the grounds. Ensure the safety of staff, families and visitors dealing with any and all conditions that may pose a threat.


Attendance and Punctuality - Must have a good attendance record and be on time in order to lead the union workforce.

Work Assignments - Schedule daily work assignments for the union workforce to accomplish daily, weekly and long-term goals set out by upper management.  Maximize work efficiency, create and build teams and promote cross training in all aspects of work. Work must be assigned in an equitable manner and in compliance with policies and procedures developed with and by management. Knowledge of agreed to union guidelines and adherence.

Burial Sites - One of the primary responsibilities of the interment foreman is to ensure that the correct burial site is opened, all paperwork in completed, and that the burial site is prepared properly and respectfully for a family prior to their arrival at the cemetery.  This includes supervision of the digging, checking depths, plumbness, etc.  Ensure that cleanup efforts are taken around burial plots to pick up any garbage, headstones and tree debris.  Also ensure path to burials are clear and do not have tripping hazards such as holes in ground. Recommendations for improving procedures and any other opportunities to ensure best practice are welcome.


Burial Procession - Foreman will greet all funeral directors at the office and guide all burials down to the site and will address any concerns and needs specified by the Funeral Directors. Foreman are representatives of Evergreens and this is a critical role to execute with professionalism sensitivity and customer service. They should always introduce themselves to the Director and ask for any specifics before leaving the office.

Post Burial - Ensure that the family exits the cemetery and that there are no visitors still at grave site prior to breaking down burial equipment. Confirm all the equipment is picked up and stored correctly, the burial is filled in correctly, that the headstone(s), if any, are replaced to their original locations and that the lot is cleaned, reconditioned and seeded.

Service to Families - Evergreens is a very special place and we strive to make our families’ experience to be memorable and to look at us as place for their entire family to be remembered. Funeral Directors are a part of this experience and we expect that every effort will be made to accommodate their requests and provide the best possible experience.


Experience - Minimum of 3-5 years’ experience as an internment foreman or construction foreman is required.  Experience managing a union workforce is highly beneficial.  OSHA 30 hr. certification

Diversity - Evergreens is an equal opportunity employer of choice and we encourage diverse candidates to apply. Diversity, equity & inclusions are values we hold. Our families are amongst the most diverse in the nation and it is expected that employees strive to learn about different cultures, beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious beliefs and other way in which someone may be different.

We hope that you will consider applying for this important role and we are looking for quality people who work hard and will benefit in being a part of an institution and a team engaged in rewarding work.

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